Age Friendly

What is Age-Friendly?

Our world is aging – it's a fact. As a result of the growing population of seniors, the World Health Organization, with participation from the Public Health Agency of Canada, embarked on a global age-friendly project. Manitoba is working with these organizations to create age-friendly communities that will contribute to the participation, health, independence and security of older persons.

Manitoba's population of seniors is also growing. It is expected to increase by 43 per cent over the next 20 years. Of the seniors currently living in Manitoba, 93 per cent live in the community. With the increase in the number of seniors, we know that communities will face both new opportunities and challenges in responding to their needs and desires.

An age-friendly community:

  • Recognizes the diversity among older Manitobans
  • Encourages healthy, active aging
  • Supports the contributions of older Manitobans
  • Promotes the participation of older Manitobans in all aspects of our community
  • Engages stakeholders in building age-friendly communities
  • Creates accessible, safe environments for older adults
  • Treats people of all ages with respect
Everyone Benefits

  • Secure neighbourhoods are safe for children, women and older adults.
  • Older adults receive services and supports they need.
  • Barrier-free buildings and streets enhance the mobility for people of all abilities, and all ages.
  • The whole community benefits from the participation of older persons in volunteer or paid work and civic activities