Building Inspection/Weed Control

Piney Stuartburn Weed Control & Building Inspection District
Building Inspector/Weed Supervisor: Gary Hora                
Phone: 204-380-9624 (cell)    204-425-3218 (office)
Building Permits
A building permit must be obtained from the RM of Stuartburn office prior to the start of construction. A permit will be issued once applicable fees have been paid for and when the building inspector has had a chance to review the application and all supporting documentation. This may take up to 2 weeks during the peak season. For building permit fees or yard setbacks please contact the municipal office.
When calling for an inspection, 48 hour notice must be given to the building inspector prior to needing an inspection.

If your project requires a variance, conditional use or rezoning you will be required to fill out the Zoning Amendment Application Form and submit it to the office so we can arrange a public hearing.